Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Weekend!

I'm pooped. Last week was about 65 hours and last weekend was Stumptown, plus a full week this week making me very, very tired.

I plan on doing absolutely nothing on Saturday, other than eating, petting the cat and basically just 'being.' I may play a game or two. I might not. I may watch TV all day until my brains leak out all over my giant bean-bag. I might not.

Not an amazing weekend full of excitement and adventure, I know, but something you just gotta send the ninjas home, lock the door, and vegetate.

There will be a new Art the Wanderer up on Monday and a new page on Tuesday, as well as the usual blogs throughout the week.



TX_Val said...

Well while you're doing nothing, check out the new joe.. .

G.I. Joe : Resolute

There are 10 episodes, 4 minutes each. I like it.

I don't remember as much blood, or death. Definately a different tone then the old school. I like it.

I liked
Episode 5, about snake eyes. (starts in episode 2, the swoop in is cool)
And continues in episode 8, which is pretty good.

Little cheese, but *shrug*

TX_Val said...

Blah, it cut it off, and I can't get the hyperlink to work..

Anonymous said...


Jason Janicki said...

I did actually watch it. I was disappointed. The first episode promised doom and gloom, but overall, it was just another GI Joe episode with blood and higher production values.

I thought the Snake Eyes arc was really cheesy (I've seen half-a-dozen kung-fu movies with exactly the same story). The Baroness and Destro went down ridiculously easy and the whole romance thing between Scarlett and Duke was a non-issue. The big battle at the end wasn't particularly good or spectacular.

Overall, other than killing off a couple characters, nothing happened that was particularly interesting. Great first episode, but the rest went downhill.