Monday, April 20, 2009

Stumptown: The Wrap-Up

Well, we survived. Stumptown turned out to be a really nice con. It was quite a bit smaller than Emerald City, but it was very busy on both days. It was also a very different show from the others we've been to so far, being more of a graphics art fair than an average ‘comic convention.’ There were very few mainstream comics, but a lot of interesting (and in some cases, interestingly odd) indie books. If you're looking for non-mainstream comics this is one of the best shows to go to.

The crowd was very cool and we had a number of fans come by to say ‘hi.’ There were even a few Portland natives who only found out about the con because of our link to it. We even had one convention volunteer come up and tell us that they had volunteered to help at the con specifically to be able to meet us, which was kinda funny, very cool, and made us feel all warm and fuzzy. A big "Thank you!" to all the Wayfarer's Moon fans who turned out to support us!

We did meet a lot of cool people, including our special Con-Buddies Beth and Maria from Famine Lands. Scott Faulkner from Friends of the Nib was right next to us (unfortunately, the link given to us is not active). Both Leigh and I had separate chats with the creator of Ask Dr. Eldritch Evan M. Nichols. I also talked to Aaron Duran from Geek in the City, Derek M. Koch from Paperback Reader, and Tom Lechner. I also had several conversation with Jacob and James from the Serialist, a new comic search service they just launched. Leigh and I both talked to ‘Spike’ of Templar, AZ, which swept the Stumptown awards handily this year (and was very gracious about it).

Overall, a great con that we’ll be coming back to next year.



TX_Val said...

I always wanted to play an Alligator Sorcerer in D&D..
With that ugly mug, maybe it's half dragon, that would be AWESOME.. .



matthew said...

This has nothing to do with your news post, but after looking at the new page, it seems that everything looks a little darker. After looking at the previous page I can see that things were much brighter and colorful. are you guys doing a new style or something?

Jason Janicki said...

Actually, it would be RIDE, CAPTAIN, RIDE!

Wait, that's a song . . .

Leigh is trying a different inking style. Do you like it or do you prefer the other way?

TX_Val said...

Well if the captains smart, he'll stab the guard horse next to him, then ride.. :)

Wasn't sure if using his own horse for cover from the archers would be the better plan of action, but I guess he's probably far enough from civilization, that he'll want his mount.

matthew said...

well it's all up to you guys. I believe that you should do maybe three or four pages with that same style, then compare those to pages that have a similar setting.