Monday, October 27, 2008


Leigh sent me this the other day. There have been other Watchman trailers, but this one is almost three minutes long and has some great footage I hadn't seen before.

I must admit I'm getting excited about this movie. The Watchman was one of the books that got me into comics (along with The Dark Knight and the Elementals), so seeing it come to life is just a 'wow' moment.




Gillsing said...

I think I may have seen that very trailer on the big screen a month ago or so. With great trailers come great responsibility, and I have a feeling that such responsibility is going to be shown.

One of my childhood friends once showed me his Watchmen graphic novel and said that it was the greatest stuff ever, so that's when I read it. And it was good. I only remember a few plot points though, so it'll almost be new to me again. :-)

Jason Janicki said...

I'm kinda in the same boat. I haven't read the Watchman in years and though I remember the characters and the major plot points, a lot of the subtleties have escaped me over the years.

I like your 'with great trailers' line. I may steal it :)