Sunday, October 26, 2008

Please Ignore the Following

Things are hopping around here at Wayfarer's Moon. Our minions are almost finished tunneling into the center of the earth and the nuclear torpedo is already in position. All we need to do now is tap in the UN . . . oh, yeah.

Please disregard the previous paragraph. We are in no way thinking of or attempting to hold the world hostage by blowing up the center of the earth. Really. That would be silly, I mean, we live here too. It's not like we have a secret moon base full of supermodels to retreat to.

. . .

Once again, please disregard the preceding paragraphs.

We are, however, getting ready for Wizard World Texas! Yep, in about two weeks, Leigh and I will be in sunny (I hope) Arlington for three days of comic goodness.

This will probably be our last con this year, so unless you want to invite us to your house, it'll be '09 before we're allowed out in public again(keeping our fingers crossed to get into the San Diego Comic Con).

Look for an update on Tuesday and the usual blogging for the rest of the week.


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