Sunday, October 5, 2008


Next Saturday, Leigh and I will be attending the Tri-Cities Comic Con! Presumably, Leigh will be sketching all day and I will be waiting in vain for someone to ask for a sentence.

We will, of course, be overjoyed to chat with anyone who happens to come by, so if you happen to be in the area and can make it, come on by! We'll be the two nerds at the table full of comic books.

On a further note, it was pointed out to me that you can actually Follow a blog now. There's a little blue button at the bottom left hand corner that says 'Follow' (oddly enough). You click that, select the Single Edge Studios Blog, hit 'Okay' and magic happens. You will then be notified whenever the blog is updated.

Feel free to Follow my blog. Really.

Stay tuned for a new page Tuesday and the usual bloggy goodness the rest of the week.


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