Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Adventures of Leigh and Jason: Part 2

The man at the counter looked up from where he was cleaning up the glass from his smashed counter. “Are you here about the robbery?”


“Yeah.” The proprietor gestured at his store. Most of the racks were knocked over and the various goods had been swept from the shelves. Only a lone, pine-scented car freshener remained, impotent in its ‘stay fresh’ pouch, a box of Almond Joys. “We were hit about an hour ago. They took everything!”

“Except the pine-scented car freshener and the Almond Joys.”

“Uh, yeah," said the owner, "he said they were allergic.” He turned to dump a pan full of broken glass into the nearby trashcan. “So, are you here to help?”

Leigh paused, scratching at his ear with a car key he kept on hand for that very purpose. “I suppose I could do a sketch.”

“Well, that would help identify them,” said the owner.

“I’ll get my pad,” said Leigh. He returned 83-seconds later, settled onto a stool and took his pencil in hand. “Go ahead.”

“The first one was about 6 feet, with long blond hair and the second one was a bit shorter and had short, dark hair. They were wearing jeans, plaid shirts and baseball caps. Oh, and the blond one had a giant Johnny Cash tattoo on his back and the shorter one seemed very knowledgeable about the Monroe Doctrine."

Leigh raised an eyebrow, but nodded. “This’ll take a minute.” He bent over his sketch pad and aside from the occasional scream from out back, the store was silent.

“Are we getting gas or what?” came a new voice. Both Leigh and the owner looked up, to see a new figure in the doorway. He was wearing a Nike hoodie, with bits of toilet paper stuck to his freshly shaved face. “Oh, wait,” he said. He struck a pose, arms akimbo. “Jason Janicki,” he said. “Writer.”

Tomorrow: Part 3


Jerron said...

I think you may have mis-spelled the Montroe Doctrine.

You *must* mean the Montrose Doctrine, which states that there will be a cool Jazz Fest there every year. (In fact, the sax player who's band played there just walked past me as I was reading the blog. Conicidence? I think not.)

Jason Janicki said...

No, I meant the 'Monroe Doctrine,' but apparently my typing skills failed me miserably.

I'll go ahead and say 'sure, it was the Montrose Doctrine.'

Thanks :)