Monday, April 14, 2008

The Usual

We're close. We're very, very close. Hopefully, we will finish up all our prep work for the con season this week and we can get back to updating regularly.

Trust me, good things are coming up.



Chris McCoy said...

Hope so, as I just discovered this comic and love it so much. You guys are very, very, very talented.

Anonymous said...

I love "Wayfarer's Moon." Iri and Lily are pretty awesome. You know how Xena and Gabrielle keep getting reincarnated? That's who they remind me of. ^_^

Jason Janicki said...

Glad to hear it :) Hopefully, we'll be getting back to regular updates once we get all prepped for the con season.

May I suggest logging into the forums? There's quite a bit of backstory that has come out in the posts that hasn't made it into the comic as of yet.

I'm check several times a day and there's a number of good posters who'll be happy to chat about most anything.