Tuesday, April 1, 2008

An Announcement

It is with heavy heart, mainly from the cheeseburger I had last night, that I must announce that Wayfarer’s Moon will be on indefinite hiatus.

We (Leigh and I) have basically just come to a crossroads in our careers. I want to go left, he wants to go right, the car’s out of gas, and both of us need to pee.

For a long time, Leigh has dreamt of travelling America, bringing hope and aid to the downtrodden, the friendless, and the slightly sticky. He plans on wandering the highways and back roads, and using his formidable art skills to better the lives of those he meets. How exactly this is going to work is unknown, but probably something like this:

“Well, our house has been repossessed by the cruel and vindictive sheriff, the barn’s burned down, the well’s been filled with instant oatmeal, and the crops have failed.”

“It’ll be okay, pop. That portly stranger left us this piece of paper!”

“Is it the deed to our house or proof that the mayor’s corrupt?”

“Nope, it’s a picture of a busty woman in a chainmail bikini with an axe.”


As for me, now that I’ve finally reached puberty, I plan on giving up the soloist position in the boy’s choir and striking out to seek my fortune in Hollywood. I don’t have any actual talents or skills, aside from juggling women’s shoes, but I feel confident that I can find something along the lines of Executive Producer.


P.S. April Fools (obviously)


bibliophile20 said...

Cute, but the winner for best April Fool's joke by a webcomic artist has to go to Howard Taylor of Schlock Mercenary.

Andrew the Pear said...

The Maytag blow-up doll on Flipside gets at least a worthy mention. At least.... I hope its an April Fools joke ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank god it was an April Fools day joke. I probly should have expected it, but I am a gullible person.CURSE YOU FOR MAKING ME WORRY!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

-_- So sad. When I first saw the word Hiatus, I nearly cried. Then I was okay after I finished reading past said point. One more reason why I hate April 1: I'm always believing you people.

Specter40364 said...

I fucking hate this holiday...

Case said...

Specter said it best. You got me with it too... :-(

Jason Janicki said...

Sorry about that, I couldn't resist :)

I actually considered doing the whole post straight (We're very sorry, but WM has proven to be too much for us. We really regret shutting the site down, but yadda yadda yadda), but I figured that would be too mean.