Monday, July 9, 2007

Fast, Easy, and Fun!: Part 1

I happened to catch a TV commercial the other day for an electric dusting device. It was essentially a battery-powered handle that spins an attached dusting head. I was not paying too much attention, but the following tagline caught my ear.

It now makes dusting fast, easy, and fun!

I can accept fast and easy, though frankly, dusting is not particularly slow or hard to begin with. I know because one of my childhood chores was to dust. This consisted of spraying Pledge on things (tables, chairs, the cat, my sister) and then wiping it with a cloth. Granted, my mother was never particularly happy with the dusting job I did, but I at least fulfilled the letter of the law, if not the spirit.

I now, of course, hate dusting, as well as vacuuming, my other childhood household chore. I more or less refuse to do unless I have a hot-date (ie, never). Frankly, my apartment is small enough that I could dust, vacuum, repaint, recarpet, set it on fire, and then rebuild it in maybe 20-minutes, but I digress.

This particular device, though, is promising to make dusting fun. Somehow, I doubt that adding a spinny-thingy onto a duster would make it more fun, but what if it did? What if teens suddenly started having dusting parties?

Teen #1:Dude! Susans parents are out of town. We are going to totally dust that place tonight!

Teen #2: Whooo!

High-fives ensue.

Tomorrow: Dust Parties: Is Your Teen a Duster!?


Gillsing said...

I didn't have dusting and vaccuuming as childhood chores, apart from occasionally cleaning my room. And ok, occasionally I had to vaccuum some other rooms too, but it wasn't often enough that I'd call it "my childhood chores".

But I still hate dusting and vaccuuming. So I guess what you've told me now is that getting used to it doesn't make it less of a chore. And I'm telling you, not being used to it doesn't make it less of a chore either. Vaccuuming just sucks.

Jason Janicki said...