Sunday, July 8, 2007

Fame and Fortune Will Be Yours

I am sitting at my desk, staring balefully at my computer screen. My computer fan is whirring loudly away. My cat is on my lap, looking for attention. The Microsoft Word page in front of me is completely blank. So is my mind. My butt itches.

I am trying to write the blog. I get halfway through a piece and then realize that a colonoscopy is probably not that funny. Highlight, delete, blank page. Funny is not happening. Funny is a long way from happening. Funny has left the building. My butt still itches. I should probably buy some cream or something.

A thought occurs, a possible topic. And then it dies, like a canary in a mustard gas mine. I need ideas. I need help. I really need something for that itch (possibly an exorcist).

Therefore, I turn to you, the one or possibly two people who read my blog (and are not my mother). What would you like to read about? What strikes your fancy? Do you want more history? More video games? More venomous? More rants? Give me some topics, please :).

And get this: if I use your topic, I will give you credit! Fame and fortune will be yours, as I will put your name in the actual blog! Something like: This topic was suggested by Killaman Slaughtermaster, so blame him (bonus points if you get the reference).

So, please, help me keep the blogs coming. You can either respond to this blog or go to Wayfarers Moon > Forum > General > Blog Topics and suggest something there. Do it for the children.



Spider said...

1- I have been asked to state that this is the girlfriend (who has momentarily stolen the keyboard) and not the Spider :)

2- Utter Butter Cream (for the itch)

3- Possible topics of discussion; kittys that try to sit on whatever it is that you are working on, comics that you’ve recently discovered while wandering the net, Anthony the space traveling potato, random occurrences from the week that amused/disturbed you, the new Super Buell, the propensity of girlfriends to steal the computer while you are sleeping :P And anything else that may broadside your thought train in a quiet (or not so quiet) moment.

Hope I helped (or at least amused)

Zatoichi said...


I've got WAY too much experience with that butt itching thing. [Credentials: anal fistula surgery & prostate cancer treatment] Here's two recommendations:

1) by prescription ask for Analpram HC 1% cream. Contains 1% hydrocortisone and its an incredible balm.

2) Super Salve herbal cream. Sold by Absolutely incredible for ANY kind of skin issue. Can't say enough great things about this product. Buy a tiny sample - it will change your life!

Barbara said...

Chicks. Chick gamers. Chick PC gamers. Chick D&D gamers. Chick superheroes. Chick superheroes with boobies bigger than their heads. Chicks that kick ass. Chicks that are cute. Chicks that are ugly. (why aren't there any ugly chick superheroes?)

Travis said...

1) butt itch: my suggested solution is Scratch It, or at least that always works for me. Just don't get your kitty to scratch it for you, since that would hurt, alot.

2) Killaman Slaughtermaster.... isn't that Pips character?

3) topic suggestion, topic suggestion...... how about a rant about the history of venomous video games? or possibly what other webcomics you read and why, you could probably get a paragraph or two out of each one and it should give you enough stuff to talk about untill you get your creative rant groove back.

Joseph said...


Role Playing Games (possible subtopic: Pen&Paper Tabletop vs. Computer)

Webcomic Industry

Inspirations for Wayfarer's Moon

Bush's foreign policy

Harry Potter

your favorite webcomics

your favorite books/authors

Jason Janicki said...

Thank you all for your topics and concern over my butt. Rest assured, I was merely kidding about the itch. Well, it does itch sometimes, but I think that is more of an everyday itch, as opposed to a demonic influence.

die Amerikanerin said...

1) You don't know me, I just stumbled across the comic, liked it, and now I read your blog because it gives me a laugh.

2) I like history. Rant about that.

3) Good job, and good luck!

Anonymous said...

write about the names you call people ... behind their backs