Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Evil 2: Good 0

It is my sad duty to announce that the world was plunged into millennia of darkness last Sunday. The forces of Good eventually ended up turning on themselves, which allowed Team Evil to come in from behind for the victory.

This last weekend we had a belated birthday party for my partner-in-crime Leigh. Do not ask how old he is (hint: very). We celebrated with a custom 1920s Cthulhu-esque RPG of my creation (yes, we are nerds). There were 7 players (4 Good Guys, 3 Bad Guys) and nobody knew who was who. The action took place aboard a small, exclusive cruise ship. For those who do not know what I am talking about, it is rather like a How to Host a Murder game, only with sacrifices and machine guns.

There was a brief period where the players introduced themselves to each other and then the action started with a murder in the kitchen. Zombies appeared, as did six-legged monkeys that leapt and bit. Throughout the action, the players were still trying to figure out who was who.

Leigh summed up the night quite well:

As far as I know, archeology has nothing to do with weird stuff like ticks that eat your brain, six-legged monkeys, and two-headed French chefs.

Eventually, the Good Guys turned on each other and two of them killed each other in a hail of bullets. This allowed Evil Team One (Sean and Devon) to take out the rest of the Good Guys with a well-timed strike.

So, congratulations to Evil Team One who ended up winning, as well as Evil Team Two (Stan) who was the runner-up.

If you are wondering about the title of this piece, this was the second in a series of custom horror-RPGs that I have run. Evil won the first time as well.

Happy Belated B-Day, Leigh. Sorry you died and allowed Evil to take over the world. Maybe next year :)




Leigh Kellogg said...

Good would have won too, if it hadn't been for those darned kids!

Jason Janicki said...

Good would have done better if it hadn't been busy shooting itself in the face.