Thursday, December 10, 2009

San Diego Comic Con! '10

Well, we have been confirmed for the '10 San Diego Comic Con! Yes, you have to register that far in advance to get a table. We had a blast at this year's con, so we're looking forward to next years!

We will also be appearing at Emerald City Comic Con and Stumptown, and plan on attending the next Portland Comic Book Show as well.

In other news, it's still hellishly cold up here in the Northwest. I actually had the heat on this week, despite my usual 14-layers of clothes. I talked to my mom the other night (who lives in California) and she was complaining that it was dropping down to 50 where she was. I then pointed out that it was 17 the other morning up here. She just laughed and told me to move (preferably closer to her).

Look for a new Art the Wanderer this Sunday and the usual bloggy goodness the rest of the week.



Trevor said...

Oregonian here... A friend of mine pointed out that it was 14 degrees here the other morning, while in McMurdo Antarctica it was a balmy 30.

There's something seriously wrong when the ANTARCTIC is warmer then Oregon!!!!!

Kyle said...

I live in Northern California and we just had the first day this week without lows in the negatives!

TheGnat said...

Just for the record, it is currently 3F where I live. Before wind chill. That is all I really need to say on this matter.

"gunner" said...

now you ignorant louts just stop that, everybody knows its globally warming, algore says so and that makes it true, and stop waving that thermometer under my nose!

Jason Janicki said...

Let's face it: cold weather sucks.

And where do you live, TheGnat that it's 3F? Is that normal?