Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pets: Part 3

We had horses when I was a kid. I was, in all honesty, pretty ambivalent about them. They were very large, kinda dopey, and left gigantic piles of poop in the corral. Incidentally, dried horse manure makes a fantastic projectile.

Yes, we used to throw manure at each other.

I never really cared to ride horses. I always had the feeling that they were more or less ‘going along’ with what I told them to do. They could, if they so chose, take off in a completely random direction while I, as a small boy, could only hope to hang on and eventually reach puberty.

Horses, frankly, can and will occasionally lunge off in a random direction and there’s not a whole hell of a lot you can do about it. Even a 200 pound man isn’t going to be able to redirect a 2000 pound horse if it doesn’t want to cooperate.

My sister, of course, loved horses and insisted that I go riding with her. This resulted in me being bucked off no less than six times over the course of my life and being kicked in the head once. This, coincidentally, was the first time I was ever knocked out.

Now, I was going to blather on about the two sheep that my sister had as FFA projects, but I realized that I’d already gone into depth about that. My adventure with one of them, Houdini, is detailed in the blog entry with the unsurprising title, ‘Houdini.’



Noelevz said...

I must commend you guys for an excellent work! I have your online comics and I must say the story and graphics are superb! Keep up the good works guys! Can't wait to read more!

Jason Janicki said...

Fantastic! Thanks for the compliments, noelevz! It's always great to hear from people who like our stuff :)