Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pets: Part 1

I have always had pets. I grew up in the country and so we usually had a whole pack of dogs and the odd cat, as well as horses, goats, sheep, and a variety of other furry critters.

As I said, we had both dogs and cats. If pressed, however, I would have to say I’m a dog person. I spent hours romping around the countryside with our dogs. We played fetch, and chased each other, and had the odd game of Battleship, which I generally won, though Muffin could hold her own (I suspect she cheated).

And dogs, frankly, are nature’s sidekicks. They’re the happy Robin to your Batman. The Speedy to your Flash. The Superboy to your Superman. The Aqua . . . did Aquaman have a sidekick? Was there an Aqualad or Kid Squid? If so, wow, talk about losing the hero lottery.

Anyway, dogs look up to you. It’s like having a best friend who’s somewhat dim and poops on the lawn. Dogs are perfectly happy, nay enthusiastic, to do whatever you want to do. All you have to do is feed ‘em, scratch their bellies and keep your shoes out of reach and you’re golden.

Tomorrow: Part 2


VideoGeek said...

Speedy was actually Green Arrows' sidekick, not the Flash's, his sidekick had the inventive name of Kid Flash. And Aquaman's sidekick was, in fact, Aqualad, so good call!

Choko said...

Aw crud... You just got me all sentimental with your dog-rambling - my parents also had several dogs when I was growing up - happy days :D

On another note lemme say that I'm a new reader of your comic, and so far I luv' it - keep up the good work ;)

Jason Janicki said...

Huh. I was always more of a Marvel fan, but I knew Speedy was a sidekick. I just guessed that he was the Flash's. Frankly, Speedy sounds much more Flash-like.

Glad to hear it, Choko :)

Jason Janicki said...

Oh, and Kid Squid is a much better name than Aqualad :)

pixie_bit said...

Aqualad is back - in Teen Titans and much like Robin is no longer a sidekick - he even has his own sidekick, which could be called Kid Squid - but isn't, it starts with a T (hey, he's a sidekick, they don't say the name that often). He's a wierd little gray techie thing that goes all Incredible Hulk and expands to kick butt at appropriate times.
Is it sad that I can't blame my children for the fact that I know this?

Jason Janicki said...

That's right! I completely forgot about the Teen Titans, which is why I probably guessed Aqualad (voiced by Whil Wheaton, no less). I do remember the little grey guy and honestly don't remember his name.

Don't worry about it, Teen Titans was a great show. I spent many a Saturday night watching Teen Titans and the various Justice League incarnations. Y'know, back when Cartoon Network played cool stuff :)