Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Things Were Eaten

I have just returned from California, where I spent a very pleasant week visiting family and eating far more than any human should. I do normally watch what I eat very closely, just in case it decides to attack en route to my mouth, but I threw caution to the wind and ate whatever happened to appear in front of me.

I had at least 3 burritos, some fajitas, turkey, stuffing, enough mashed potatoes to feed the French Foreign Legion for a day, a metric ton of chicken, some jalapeno and pepperoni pizza (sounds gross, but it's really good), and about ten-pounds of assorted snacks, which included chocolate, cheese, various dips, and what I think was an insect.

I also played some tennis, if you define 'play' as occasionally putting the ball over the net and in the court. I did better once it was explained to me that a) you didn't have to hit the ball as hard as possible and b) you weren't actually trying to hit the other player with the ball. I had fun, though, and that's what counts.

Note: If you happened to be one of the people I played with, I apologize for serving directly at you.

In other news, we are back to regular updates, so stay tuned for more Wayfarer's Moon goodness every Tuesday and Thursday and my usual semi-coherent ramblings most every day.


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