Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Microsoft Coat 2010: Part 2

Of course, there’s no reason that having talking clothing couldn’t be a good thing.

“Why yes, he is happy to see you.”

“Trust us, he’s got abs, thighs, and buns of steel.”

“And after volunteering at the orphanage, he always drops by his grandma’s to see if she needs anything.”

“No, ma’am, your son went straight home after practice and couldn’t possibly shaved Mrs. Wilson’s cat.”

“The square root of 277729 is 527.”

However, once they start implanting microchips in your clothing, it will only a matter of time before somebody starts beaming viruses into your underwear. You could end up with shirts that won’t come off, pants that drop at random intervals, and underwear that’s beaming mpegs of your privies to everyone on your friend’s list.

Then again, you’d get to say things like “I have to update my Norton Underpants.”



Kyanr said...

or you could get ipants and ishirt...complete with mac os vx software and hardware...

Jason Janicki said...

True and you could probably hook your iPod up to your socks. Which, all things being equal, might not be bad :)