Monday, January 21, 2008

Road Signs

Whilst playing WoW the other day, I was trying to find a particular area and was checking the various signs as I rode by. It then occurred to me: “Who put these up?”

While you expect road signs in a reasonably ‘civilized’ place such as Durotar or whatever zone Stormwind is in (Horde player here, I honestly don’t know), who put them up in places like Shadowmoon Vale or the Burning Steppes?

I somehow doubt the local denizens did. If they had, I would also expect them to be wrong. The sign to the nearest city would probably lead into the middle of a bunch of Scarlet Crusade types or at least into a very deep hole.

But no, the signs are omnipresent and are actually correct. It is if some elder god of analness decreed it to be and his faithful followers carried out his edict.

“We have organized the silverware drawers, oh greatest of beings. Now the fish forks will never touch upon those meant for salad.”

“You bring honor to my name, yet I have one more task for you.”

“We eagerly await your task, oh most methodical one.”

“Then I command you to travel forth and put up road signs, so that travelers may ever find their way.”


“Well, people keep getting lost and falling into pits. It’s inefficient and mucks things up. Put up signs at every crossroad, so that everyone, no matter the faction, may benefit from them.”

“Where exactly, your meticulousness?”

“Everywhere. I want roads signs on every road in every land in every dimension.”

“Ummm, there’s only three of us, most anal of all.”

“Then you should probably get started, shouldn’t you?”



lurklen said...

I love that hes the god of analness whos all upsett that the lack of road signs is ineffeciant but he wants three people to put up all the road signs to everyware.

Anonymous said...

Excellant, i fell of my chair laughing at that. It really gave me a laugh, and a bump or two

Jason Janicki said...

Well, who would want to follow the god of analness (anality?)? You'd get smited for having a slightly disorganized toolbox.

Glad to hear it :)

Anonymous said...

Imagine the fun that game developers could have with their users on April 1st.

Jason Janicki said...

Ooooh, that would rock. I would make all the signs point the wrong way or change the names to things like "Castle Smelly."