Friday, September 21, 2007

Zombies vs. Robots

So, I had a thought the other day: who would win in a fight between a zombie and a robot?

I am talking about your average, run-of-the-mill zombie, ie, your classic, slow, brain-obsessed ones and your average early 80s robot, who is also quite slow and bent of destroying all humans (think Cylons from the original Batllestar Galactica).

They are, upon comparison, weirdly similar:

Really Stupid
Smells Bad
Nigh Unstoppable
Craves Brains

Kinda Stupid
Probably Stronger
Smells Minty
Also Nigh Unstoppable
Programmed to Destroy All Humans

The question is, if you put one of each room, who would emerge victorious? Actually, both of them would just stand there. The zombie craves brains, which the robot does not have, while the robot, which is programmed to kill all humans, would not target the zombie, as its already dead.

However, if you stuffed a brain into the robots chest cavity and then programmed it to attack any human-like thing that moved, you would then have a fight on your hands.

I would have to put my money on the robot, no matter how much I would want to support an Undead American. Frankly, while the zombie would eventually tear open the robot, the robot would probably first either immobilize the zombie by breaking its limbs or get a lucky shot to the zombies head and take him out completely.

Of course, if such an experiment were tried, the zombie and robot would end up working together to destroy humanity. Worse, they could merge and become a zombot (rombie just does not sound right).

Anyhow, $50 on the robot.



Ariel said...

How did it know my name is Ariel...? no matter.

Just wanted to tell you Jason... I don't get it. You play WoW like me, seems lazy like me (hate cleaning and stuff)。。。but where? WHERE did our path changed that you got that kind of humor?

Jason, I salute you for your blogs. Now back to fish the archives.

Jason Janicki said...

Where did our paths change? That's easy . . . continuous serious head trauma.

I salute you in return for your excellent taste :)