Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stumptown 2012

We just finished Stumptown last Sunday and we had a really good con. We met a ton of great people, as usual, and generally just enjoyed ourselves.

And I have to say, without reservation, that the Oregon Convention Center has the neatest, best hand dryers in the world. They’re hard to describe. You stick your hands in the top and then hot hair literally blows the water off your hands and then dries them.

These things are fantastic. I want one for my bathroom at home. Look at these things. They even look sci-fi-ish.

Not only that, I want a big, vertical one that I can stand in after showering. Better yet, I want one with a shower built inside so that I can hit a button and dry myself off without even getting out.

After I first used one, I went back to the table and told Leigh all about them.

“Dude!” I said. “They have these cool hand dryer things! They’re like air dryers, but they totally rock!”

Leigh looked up at me. I could see thoughts going through his head. They ranged from ‘You need professional help’ to ‘if you like it so much, you should marry it.’ Eventually, he sighed, because he remembered that he’s my business partner and this always gives him a headache.

“Sure,” he finally said and then went back to drawing.

But I had my revenge when, about an hour later, Leigh returned from a trip to the men’s room.

“You’re right!” he said. “Those dryers do rock! I will never doubt or question your sanity again, even if you claim that an evil puppet is living under your bed and trying to kill you with a tiny felt mace.”

NOTE: I just imagined that last sentence.

Dryers aside, we got to hang out with several of our con buddies, including Jason Martin of Super Real Graphics and Lee Moyer, the amazing artist who painted the cover of our trade.

I also told them about the dryers. Since they don’t know me as well, they both said something like “that’s nice” and then walked quickly away.

Their loss, I suppose.



Captain Hesperus said...

Ah, like the Dyson Airblade. Except larger. And less cool. Here in the UK, even the worst, urine-stinking toilet has those things.
Because the UK is awesome. As long as you ignore all the stupid stuff the Government does.


Anonymous said...

They're made by dyson too.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with your assessment of the awesomeness of said hand-dryers. Rock on.

Rahel Sewell said...

Dude, this looks SO AWESOME!!!
...Although I tend to be afraid of automatic machines. Especially toilets!! O__O
Automatic doors tend to be pretty cool though. Most of them have a very good sense of humor. =^^=

That is so terrifying. x_x

Jason Janicki said...

I will take your word that the UK has awesome dryers, Cap :)

Indeed, Anon. Rock on!

Evil puppets are only terrifying if you don't know they're there, lurking under your bed, ready to gouge out your eyeballs with their tiny little knives and suck out your brains with flexi-straws.

Oh, I think I see your point, Rahel :)

Jonnalyhn Wolfcat Hall said...

*blink* Now I remember why Lee's name sounded so familiar at ECCC! He was the artist GOH at Baycon 2010, with a nifty Lovecraftian gameboard, and joined my friends in a dim sum lunch.

Wonderful timing on the link guys, now I can watch for the game again (somehow with the wedding, moving and new baby his card got misplaced...)

Jason Janicki said...

Yeah, Lee's a good guy. I bought an Alice print off him that's waiting for framing :)