Sunday, May 20, 2012

Diablo III

Well, Diablo III has successfully destroyed my entire weekend. I've completed the game with a Monk and am now trying it with a Wizard. So far, not too impressed with the Wizard. He just doesn't seem to have enough firepower. I beat Leoric with my Monk in about 20 seconds. I just ran up to him and beat the snot out of him. He managed to teleport maybe once.

It took a good couple minutes with my Wizard, as none of my attacks did anything more than shave a couple pixels off his life bar. I had to run in circles, avoiding his minions, zotting him with Magic Missiles while waiting for my Arcane Power to refill so I could use my 'bigger' spell (tried the Ice Ray thing first, then just went to the Explodey Ball thing as that was more useful against his minions).

And yes, I'm a huge, colossal nerd.

Anyway, look forward to THREE updates this week, to make up for our missed update last week, as well as the usual blog (hint: it's going to be about Diablo III).



Vince said...

I love the wizard (almost said MAGE - holdover from WoW). I put that diamond skin thingy on him, freeze all the mobs and then blast them, then finish off with a couple of big blasty things (I really need to learn the skill names). For the longest time I used a big shield with him also. Weird, but if he's going to tank...
There's this little setting that lets you assign any skill to any button. I'll look it up when I get home.
You have a different blog?

Jason Janicki said...

Yeah, a guy from work told me about the skill selection thing. That should make future mayhem more interesting :)

Thanks for the tip!

And no, no other blog :)

Gorly said...

Re the torture barrel: They used to put annoying clericals in a barrel, nail spikes into the barrel, and roll the barrel down a steep hill.

Jason Janicki said...

Gruesome, yet probably very effective. Thanks, Gorly!