Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Technically Incompetent

Say for example that you were a regular reader of Wayfarer’s Moon and decided, hypothetically speaking, that you wanted to visit the forums and read what was being said there. You, theoretically, would go to the forums and be amazed at the profound and often hilarious insights provided about the comic. You would then, perhaps, wish to register for the forums and participate in said discussion.

You would probably expect that the process of registering would be quick, easy and above all, painless.

Unfortunately that would not be the case, seeing as how one cannot currently register, as our forum software is somehow broken.

Let me explain: Leigh and I are technically incompetent. Oh, we’ve worked with computers for over thirty-years combined and we are masters of our particular fields. However, we don’t really know how computers work and we know just enough to know that if we do something wrong, we could potentially set the computer on fire.

NOTE: No, I’ve never actually set a computer on fire. I did delete the entire Wayfarer’s Moon page once, which is why I’m not allowed to touch the web-stuff ever again.

So, if you need a comic page written, penciled, inked, colored, and lettered. Call us. We’re like elite comic commandos. Okay, slow, out-of-shape commandos who get winded if they stand up to fast, but commandos none-the-less.

Web-pagey programming types, not so much.

To sum up: if you’ve tried to register for the forums and couldn’t, we know and are having our guy look into the issue. Please be patient until we get this fixed. We’ll let you know once the issues have been resolved.



Insectoid said...

Well, Jason, if I knew the sort of web programming you're talking about (the authentication-y, database-y kind), I'd gladly offer to help out.

But I'm still learning my way around CSS, and already have ambitions of learning JavaScript (!!), so I don't see learning PHP or SQL in my immediate future. :)

By the way, your blogs lately have been busting my sides up. Keep 'em coming! XD

P.S. And DON'T set a computer on fire to find out what would happen. Your other computer(s) would become very upset with you. ;)

michelle said...

stand up too fast with two o's!

yes, we are all getting older but sadly, not wiser, most likely. i am not into registering for forums. here's the problem, as i see it: every comic has its own forum, for which you must register separately. if there was one comics forum registration page that allowed me to comment in all comic forums, i might do that. as it is, it's too cumbersome and awkward to use. i'm waiting for the next version, where all comic creators get it together.

please feel free to wait with me. you know the dudes that put together the free rsspect rss feed tool for comics? i bet they could make this happen. there used to be a multi-comic forum on dumbrella, but they foolishly killed it.

Jason Janicki said...

Thanks, Insectoid :)

And I won't. Unless, of course, I need to make an example of one for the others :)

That's an interesting thought, michelle. It would be pretty easy to do and would be great cross-pollination for web-comics. I might have to talk to some of our web-buddies about something like that.

Thanks! :)

And yeah, 'too fast.' My bad :)