Thursday, March 3, 2011

ECC Is Upon Us


The Emerald City Comicon is now upon us! Leigh, myself, and our band of stalwarts have been preparing for weeks now and it's time to expose ourselves to the public!

Wow, that sorta sounds wrong. Ummm . . . reveal ourselves? No. Er. Display? Bare? Unveil?

Ah, forget it. We're just going to show what we've got.


How about: we'll be there and you may, if you so desire, look at us in a not weird way.

Yeah, that degree in English was worth it.

Anyway, we hope you'll come by and say 'hi.' We promise we won't do anything strange. For us.



Tim said...

I was happy to see you guys at ECCC. I'd lost track of the comic, but buying a book, getting it signed and chatting with you guys totally reinspired me to get back into the web series. Keep up the great work guys!

Jason Janicki said...

Thanks, Tim!