Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stupidly Busy

As the title implies, Leigh and I have been stupidly busy here at Single Edge Studios. We're trying to finish up our trade by this weekend and there have been the usual stumbling blocks. We can't find a file. We don't have the right printing quotes. Our page count is off. The ninjas keep attacking.

Yeah, the ninjas have been a pain. It seems that they will stop at nothing to prevent us from publishing our trade. They keep shouting something about a 'prophecy' and 'end of the world' and 'free burritos' or something as they attack. We keep trying to interrogate them afterwards, but it's hard to talk after you've been bludgeoned with a crowbar.

Leigh keeps telling me not to hit them so hard, but I can't help it. I get excited.

Anyway, we should have good news next week, assuming the ninjas don't manage to critically injure Leigh's drawing hand.

And, of course, there's only about a month left until we start updating again! Hint: Lily and Iri go shopping!



Coral said...

I want to travel a month into the future. :(

Jason Janicki said...

Well, techinically you are already doing so, though I presume you mean fsater :)

Just 4 weeks to go :)

Coral said...


Are we there yet?

Jason Janicki said...

Not yet.