Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SES Technical College

Are you misshapen?
Are people repulsed by your physical appearance?
Do small children cry when they see you?
Do the strongest of men wither under your gaze?
Do you really hate billy goats?
Do you like camping?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you may have what it takes to be a Bridge Troll!

SES Technical College, the leader in imaginary professional training, is proud to announce our newest course of study: The Bridge Troll!

Live under a bridge! Charge a toll! Eat people! Fight billy goats! Yes, SES Technical College has identified a new high-demand job that you can do from home! Because you’ll be living under it!

Bridge Troll 101 offers the following courses of study:
Your Bridge and You: Basic Repair and Upkeep
Billy Goats: Fact and Fiction
Toll Collecting: How to Get the Gold and Keep It!
Gobble ‘Em Up! Maintaining a Balanced Diet While Eating People
From the Diaphram: How to Roar with the Best!

And many, many more!

Is Bridge Troll not for you? Well don’t worry, at SES Technical College, we are sure to have the imaginary career you’ve been looking for! We also offer:

Tooth Fairy
Wicked Mother/Stepmother/Witch or Second Cousin
Vermicious Knid
Evil Vizier
Surly Dwarf
Fairy Tale Prince
Honest Politician
Haberdasher (Mad)
Anthropomorphic Animal
And Gun Repair

Remember, if it’s imaginary, it’s SES! Call our hotline for more information!



Captain Hesperus said...

I took the 'Evil Vizier' course through SES and my vicious minions and subjugated vassals have never been more oppressed and down-trodden!

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys,love your comic but I'm done with comics that state that they have an updating schedule but won't even attempt to follow it. Seriously, how does updates weekly turn into no update since last year? It was fun while it lasted but you had me and then you lost me. Goodbye.

Ehm said...

Has it been a year already? Holy cow. Time flies I suppose. Sorry you won't be around when real life stops interfering with WFM and the boys can get back to feeding our addiction.

Oh and Cap darling... I thought you offered that course, not took it. I mean honestly, you, need to learn how to do this?

Captain Hesperus said...

Well, All I can say is that I originally learnt in another place, but I needed the certificate. And the money from the personal endorsements is a real boost. >:D

Oh and yeah, @ the comment from Anonymous: It's a strange thing but sometimes things like the need for money and so forth have a horrid tendency to mess around with update schedules. But patience and perseverence is what marks a fan from a dilettante.

Jason Janicki said...

Yet another glowing recommendation from a satisfied customer!

Well, Anon. Sorry to see you go, but you gotta do what you gotta do. If you have a moment, check back in May. We will be announcing when we'll be updating again then.

Bookmarks are free, after all.

Jacobus said...

SES in Australia is "State Emergency Service".

"gunner" said...

ah yes, we certainly must offer "gun repair", you can never tell when someone will happen by needing his 16 inch naval rifle repaired.

"gunner" said...

time flies, but fruit flies prefer bananas.

Captain Hesperus said...

a 16 inch naval gun? Why would you need such a big gun to shoot someone's belly button?

Captain Hesperus said...

A 16 inch naval gun? Why would you need such a big gun to hit someone's belly button?

Jason Janicki said...

For the naval lint, of course.