Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stumptown After Action Report

Well, we survived. Stumptown was a lot of fun and we did pretty well there. We met a lot of nice people and reconnected with some friends we made the year before. I had a staggeringly good hot dog (with saurkraut and mustard) for lunch on Sunday and some excellent Mexican food on Saturday night.

Once again, our friends Beth and Maria from Famine Lands were there. To our left was Bo Johnson from Bowler Hat Comics along with Alexis E. Fajardo of Kid Beowulf. To our right was Earl Stephens from Kot Apparel, a fine producer of R. Crumb t-shirts. We met Harold MacKinnon, an excellent colorist, and Dave Fagan, a fine gentleman and writer who went out to dinner with us Saturday. We also met Jomo Thompson, a real-life Trademark Attorney who also went to dinner with us. Despite being a lawyer, he seemed completely not evil.

There was one rather shocking incident that occured after the con.

Warning: the next portion of the blog contains graphic scenes and language. Small children, yippy dogs, and those of a frail nature should read no further.

We ended up hanging out on Saturday night with Beth and Maria from Famine Lands and their new friend Stevie. We went to dinner and then to the Stumptown Awards ceremony. Maria mentioned that they had promised to meet someone at a 'club' and invited us along. Leigh and I, being naive and innocent by nature, thought that would be a swell idea.

I was therefore shocked to discover when we arrived at the 'club' that it was a lascivious gentlemen's club where women caroused in their underclothes and sometimes took them off!

That was the shocking part.

Leigh and I were obviously mortified, but could not in good conscience leave, mainly because Maria drove. We were then forced to sit in the club, vainly averting our eyes as temptresses in flimsy garments gyrated in time to music. We could have not been more relieved when we finally left, some two hours later.

So there it is, ladies and gentleman, our shocking night of debauchery. I can only hope my saintly mother never learns of this, though my putting it in my blog is obviously counter-productive to that goal.

Oh and Sable, if you're reading this, call me.


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