Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's Almost Time . . .

Greetings all,

Just a reminder that we'll be announcing our new updated schedule and our plans for Wayfarer's Moon next week! Look for the update on Wednesday.

As for me, I've been sick the last couple of days with a throat thing. It hasn't been horrible, but it's one of those illnesses where you don't quite have enough energy to do anything beyond lay on the couch and watch daytime TV. And frankly, daytime TV sucks.

So, come back on Wednesday and we'll fill you in. We think you'll be surprised and delighted. Giddy, even.



spasticfreakshow said...

this is already good news. after all that pimping your comic, you've got to bring it back to life. i recommend you guys do frankenstein movie night. you could wear costumes and afterwards start making comics straight away, while creepy music blares on your record player. minus two points if you do not have a record player.

p.s. you need chicken matzo ball soup, dude. or leave you to rot and you can play frankenstein and be brought back to life, WITH chicken soup?

"gunner" said...

have some more chicken soup? its good for whatever ails you

Blue Sun said...

I think everyone at Stumptown got sick from the sound of it on Twitter. I finally shook mine off last night. Better than PAX last year though, with h1n1 *and* a regular flu.

Jason Janicki said...

I think Leigh has a record player. I finally got rid of my old one a couple years ago. It was a big combo record player/cassette/radio and 8-TRACK unit that was the size of an average home in Japan.

The Frankenstein movie night is a good idea. When we update, the blog title will be 'It Lives!' :)

Aye, aye, gunner! I do happen to like chicken soup anyway :)

Huh. I'm thinking about taking a mannequin arm to the next con and just letting people shake that. Or would that be weird? :)

Blue Sun said...

I think next time I might just wear gloves. Two by two, hands of blue. (for the record, my handle predates Firefly, but I don't mind the association)

"gunner" said...

(passing chicken soup pot to blue sun) here yer go mate, this'll fix ya right up.