Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wallace & Grommit

I'm pooped. The weather changes (it's been bouncing between 40 and 70 all week) have been playing havoc with my allergies and I haven't been sleeping well (or much, as the case may be). This may explain this week's blogs, but I'm kinda like that anyway.

In other news, Telltale Games has sent the latest chapter of the Wallace & Grommit game along. If you like W&G and the adventure game genre, I would highly recommend them.

In other news, I'm pooped. Did I mention that? Yep.

No big plans this weekend, save for maybe renting a movie or two and getting some writing done. But not at the same time.

Look for a new page on Tuesday and a new installment of Art the Wanderer on Monday.


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