Tuesday, December 2, 2008

YouTube Virus Warning!

I've just learned that there is a virus attached to a number of videos up on YouTube right now, including the one I posted yesterday. I am removing the video immediately and apologise for any harm this may have done.

For those curious, here's a post about the virus from SuperGeekBlog:

From CrunchGear moments ago, reports of a new virus are coming out just this morning. The virus seems to imbed a URL redirect to a phishing site.

The site apparently installs Antivirus 2009, which is malware. We’ll pull our most recent YouTube embeds, but be careful because this one appears to have just broken out today. If you find yourself being automatically redirected or experience other weird pop-ups, especially for something called Antivirus 2009, don’t click on anything.

Keep an eye out for more info/patches/etc on this.

The original site and text are: http://www.supergeekblog.com/2008/12/youtube-virus-actnsswift/

Again, apologies if this has caused problems for your machine.



matt said...

well, I am soo glad that I decided not to read your blog yesterday. I will say this once and only once, thank god for homework.

Jason Janicki said...

Homework, hurray! I think?

Kammorremae said...

I've had no issues so far.

I feel like that one player in the group who actually looked at the Medusa, but ended up making his Fortitude save.

Don't look at me like that, you know what I'm talking about.

Brian said...

Thank whatever gods were watching me for the McAfee(R) Brand Cloak of Resistance.

Feel like a moron.

Jason Janicki said...

Yeah, I know exactly what you mean! Except in my day, it was Save vs. Petrification/Polymorph (old school AD&D).

I prefer McAfee's Globe of Invulnerability, with a Shield of AdAware, and a Helm of Spybot. Yes, I'm paranoid :)