Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mimes And/Or Squirrels

My internet connection is down. I have contacted my ISP and have been informed that there are ‘technical difficulties’ of some unknown variety. Personally, I suspect either squirrels or mimes (perhaps ‘mirrels’ which is what you would get if a mime and a squirrel made whoopy).

So, that means that my blogs might be late or altogether absent for the remainder of the week. This is a pity, as I have a good one about Arthas’ underpants ready to go.

‘Forsooth!’ I hear you cry out. ‘You claim no internet, yet you have just blogged!’ I’m actually updating this from work, which is kind-of a no-no, so I won’t be making a habit of it.

Anyhow, when the ‘technical difficulties’ subside, I will blog forthwith.



Ambience 327 said...

Why did you go with "mirrels" when "squimes" is a much, much funnier word?

I mean, it almost has a "k" in it!

Gillsing said...

The mimes are in the trees.

Jason Janicki said...

'mirrels' just seems to roll off the tongue easier. 'Squimes' sounds vaguel dirty, which in retrospect, adds to its charms. Okay, you win, they're squimes :)

Better in the trees than in the fields. Y'know, mime fields . . . sorry, that was inexcusable.