Thursday, December 18, 2008

Arthas' Underpants

It should come as no surprise to most of you that I play WoW.

NOTE: If you do happen to be reading this blog for the very first time, allow me to point out that I am a colossal nerd. Now that that’s over with, enjoy the rest of the blog.

Like the rest of the world, I am currently enjoying exploring the new continent of Northrend, which means that I get so see the following image every time something needs to load:

In case you didn’t know, this is Arthas (Arthas, these are my readers, all two of them). Arthas is the main villain of Wrath of the Lich King and is generally held to be the biggest douche in the entire WoW universe.

Now let’s pause a moment to take a close look at the above picture of Arthas. What do you notice about his taste in adornment? Look closely (no, not that close). What symbol is he wearing all over? That’s right, skulls. Lots of skulls. I count eight visible skulls on his armor, though I’m guessing he’s got at least a half-dozen more that we can’t see. I also count six skulls on his sword, making a total of fourteen skulls visible in the picture.

What does this suggest to me? Evil insecurity. I mean, how many skulls do you need to demonstrate your evilness? One, two, maybe three? This guy has FOURTEEN in plain view.

I’m guessing this is the evil version of the middle-age crisis. Instead of getting a sports car and a toupee, Arthas just put skulls on everything. He’s looking at the younger villains, seeing all the evil schemes they’re putting in motion, and wondering if he can still compete. Does he still have ‘it,’ where ‘it’ is defined as being a soulless monstrosity? He’s not sure, so he’s gonna stick a skull on everything and hope it works.

I just can’t imagine what the rest of his wardrobe might look like. Actually, I can:



Kammorremae said...

Arthas is a douche. But he wasn't always that way. I remember the good ole' days when he was preoccupied with stopping the plauge and killing peasants...

No, he was always a douche.

Kammorremae said...

On a side note, how many times do I have to comment within ten minutes of you posting, before you leave a scathing comment in my blog?

Anonymous said...

lol, I don't even play WOW and that was funny. btw, while I'm here- I like your comic! I've been reading for a year but never bothered to comment for some reason...

Jason Janicki said...

Scathing comment incoming . . .

Thanks :)

Reporter Branco said...

I got a short just like this one, but with more skulls! hehehehehe

bbr said...

Drop by sometime.
I'll add a link to your arthas underpants' later :P

Laura said...

Lol Wow is awesome! Love my Boomkin :)

Ehm said...


I happen to see that same thing all the time.

And I dunno if he still has "it". I mean, look at all of those DKs who have become friends of the Alliance or those other, pesky lvl 80 troll rogues who like to kill my almost 30 lock who was quite innocently killing mobs so she can finally get her mount and... oh yeah, this isn't about me.


First it was Illidan and now it's Arthas, who's next?

I do love my shammy.

Anonymous said...

Arthas is the perfect example of absolute power corrupts absolutely. He's been a douche since a child.

Great underpants, I you just broke a lot of wow girl's hearts, answering the age old question of boxers or briefs. ;)

BTW, I love my Druid.

Jason Janicki said...

Well, I don't actually know if he wears boxers or briefs, but I would put my money on a man-thong. No, I will not post a picture.

Lotsa shammy and druid love here. I have to say I started playing my warrior again and the changes to the Arms tree have made him much morem fun. I can now cream multiple mobs with ease. In fact, I try to fight only multiples 'cause it's so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Now,now to be far, Arthas stole the sword so it was not really his idea to put all those skulls on it. But he should have had a Clue, don't it's evil don't pick it up.
Who every heard of a fluffy, happy making skull covered sword, right.

I love my Mage!!

Jason Janicki said...

Well, he was a douche before he picked up the sword. The guy 'cleansed' Strathholme well before he even got to Northrend.
Didn't he murder Bronzebeard too?

But, yeah, skulls pretty much equal evil (or at least, teen angst). You would have thought they would have taught him that in Paladin class.