Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I was completely unaware of the existence of this film until a co-worker sent out a link yesterday afternoon.

I must admit that Wolverine is not my favorite X-Man. However, I think Hugh Jackman's portrayal of him is excellent and he pretty much made the first two films.




Gillsing said...

I don't particularly care for Marvel Comics mutants, but that looked kind of interesting. Enjoyable, even.

Lurklen said...

I'm excited for it. It could turn out to be really bad but I'm willing to see it anyway.

On another note, Iri's a little crazy isn't she? I mean shes not really into looking before she leaps and it seems to have some bad ramifacations. Like ones where an entire town goes up in flames and lots of people end up dead.

Anonymous said...

didn't they already do the wolverine movie 3 times? oh wait they called those x-men movies.....hmmm

Jason Janicki said...

Iri's complicated. She's normally very logical and strategic, but she hates Arkenites with a passion that sometimes overrides her better judgement. We've been discussing this extensively in the forums, you may want to check them out :)

You have a point there, though the first one was more the Rogue/Wolverine show and the second one was more of an ensemble (and Mystique completely stole the show in that one).