Monday, March 17, 2008

Random Thoughts

Well, a new week is upon us and I've finally gotten used to the time change. This means I only mumbled five obscenities this morning as opposed to the ten-plus I mumbled last week.

Leigh and I are currently getting ready to print the first three issues of Wayfarer's Moon to sell during the con season. This means that Leigh is creating covers, aligning margins, trimming stuff, and generally making sure that the comics fit within the framework the printer provided.

I provide what is generally referred to as 'support,' which is loosely defined as not bothering Leigh as he's doing things. Sometimes he wants my opinion:

Leigh shows me a piece of artwork.


"Do Wookies have to have to trim the hair on their rear-ends? Y'know, like you have to do with long-haired dogs?"

"No, Jason, what do you think about the picture?"

"Oh." Considers art. "Can you put a Wookie in it?"


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