Monday, March 24, 2008

General News


Leigh and I have been busy up in the great Northwest, trying to get things ready for Con season. This will be our first season as participants, rather than as visitors, so basically, we have no idea what we're doing.

We're making lists of things we may (or possibly, may not) need. Things like flyers, banners, posters, t-shirts, tranquilizer guns, tissue-paper models of the Titanic, and snowshoes. As I said, we're basically clueless.

We are also working hard (mostly Leigh) on getting issues 1-3 of Wayfarer's Moon ready for print so we can sell them at the Cons. Eventually, they will be offered for sale from the website, but we'll need to figure that out first.

We will be posting our definite Con dates as soon as we get confirmation.



Rune Traverse said...

Does this mean you guys are going to SakuraCon, by chance?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget tazers for those fans that decide that touching is MUCH better than just looking.

Drowemos said...

How are you guys publishing your stuff? Ka-Blam, Lulu or something else?

Jason Janicki said...

No, we won't be attending Sakuracon (we're not anime). I wouldn't mind going at some point, though.

We're going to charge to touch us, so that shouldn't be any problem :)

We're going with Ka-Blam right now, as Lulu was easily twice as expensive. If the quality on Ka-Blam is questionable, we'll probably do a test run with Lulu and see what happens.

Leigh Kellogg said...

I should point out that we’re not in any way turning our nose up at SakuraCon, or anime in general . We like anime, and Jason especially is a BIG anime fan but it doesn’t fit into our schedule this year. We’ll be posting our convention schedule soon.

Jason Janicki said...

Currently watching Burst Angel. Just finished Shakugan no Shana and rewatched Evangelion.

Burst Angel so far has a very Bubblegum Crisis feel to it, but it has some interesting points :)