Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Gary Gygax Passed Away

Most of you have already heard by now that Gary Gygax, creator of Dungeon's and Dragons, has passed away at the age of 69.

When I heard the news, I was not particularly moved. I was ‘bummed,’ for lack of a better work. He was a minor celebrity and though I enjoyed his creations, I had no real connection to the man.

However, I then began to think about him and what DnD has meant to me.

I started playing DnD when I was 9. I’m 38 now, so that means I’ve been playing for 29 years. My love for DnD has outlasted friendships, pets, numerous girlfriends, and quite a few Presidents.

Since learning to play, I have completed Elementary and High School and earned a college degree. I’ve lived in 8 different places, moved between states, and lost my dad and a couple friends, including the one who introduced me to DnD in the first place.

DnD has influenced my choice of careers, the friends I keep, and even Wayfarer’s Moon. It has been the single biggest constant in my life besides my family.

After thinking about all that, I am now truly saddened by Gary Gygax’s passing, if only because I never got to meet him, shake his hand and say ‘thanks’ for creating something wonderful.



Neko said...

Those of us who are all D&D geeks are saddened by his passing, and the next time we all play there will be something different as we remember the man who gave us one of the greatest games in the world.

I for one am glad he's influenced you and your comic because I love it as does my husband. We also have a great love for the game.

Hail to the great Gary Gygax!

Jason Janicki said...