Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tax Day

Hey everyone!

Hope you all got your taxes done! Mine are in and ideally, the government won't be sending men in suits after me.

This is not because I'm daunted by men in suits, it's just that they'll probably trigger the ninja and mime traps that litter my house and get blood and/or documents all over the place. Speaking of which, the damp Swiffer mop thingies are great at getting body fluids off the ceiling. Just FYI.

We're also having a touch of weirdness on the Wayfarer's site. If you use arrow button on the second to last page to try and get to the last page, you get sent to a blank page instead. We're trying to figure that out, but if you use the archive instead, you'll be fine. Another FYI.

Anyway, look for a new blog on Wednesday and our return to twice a week postings next week!



Insectoid said...

...So does that mean there's no page this week? Bzzzzz!!

Jason Janicki said...

Unfortunately, yes.

But you get a blog! Blogs are good! Yes?

Insectoid said...

Yes, of course.