Wednesday, August 18, 2010


If you have not noticed, the theme for the week is apparently titles in all-caps. I didn't plan it that way, but there you go.


Some of you may remember a short film called 'The Red Balloon.' It was a very . . . French. In it, a young boy is friends with a sentient red balloon that follows him everywhere. For reasons unknown, other boys want to kill the balloon and the entire movie revolves around them chasing the boy and his balloon and (SPOILER ALERT) eventually managing to pop the balloon. However, other balloons from all over the city then band together, swarm the naughty boys, lift them high into the air, and then let them fall to their deaths.

I wish.

NOTE: The balloon's death is very dramatic. It gets hit with a rock, which causes a slow leak. It then drifts slowly down, despite its best efforts to float back up. Once on the ground, the bad boys then stomp on it. I'm not kidding.

In actuality, the other balloons lift the good boy up and take him flying across the city. Now, my school system owned a copy of this movie, so I saw it roughly a thousand times as I went through elementary school. I assume it was supposed to teach us about the strength of friendship or something, but being a ten-year-old boy, I was much more interested in the strength of napalm and hand-grenades.

And yet, I have always remembered the movie. It seems that other people remember it as well, as Leigh sent me this funny video of revenge most red.

I give you: Revenge of the Red Balloon:

I especially liked the bit with the Easy Cheese.


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