Thursday, August 19, 2010


And yes, I'm continuing the 'ALL CAPS' theme this week. Next week, maybe I'll try something else, like fish references.


Then again, maybe not.

It's been yet another busy week at Single Edge Studios. Comics were written. Pages were penciled. Bodies were . . . nothing. Absolutely nothing was done with a body or bodies. Seriously. There are no bodies anywhere in our vicinity. At least, not anymore.

So, how about that local sports team?

At any rate, please have a fun and safe weekend. We will be back with our regularly scheduled updates and blogs.



Alexander, the Chalybs Levitas said...

Yes, [local sports team]'s latest game was affected by [local weather conditions]. It was a [good/bad] game to watch. I wish I had entertainment like that in [poster's hometown].


Jason Janicki said...

I agree. With a performance like that, they're sure to go to the [big game]. [Player] is sure to score a lot of [touchdowns/goals/points] if he can stay [healthy/off the booze/off the drugs/off the steroids].