Thursday, May 13, 2010


I was in one of my favorite teriyaki places for lunch today. Not only do they have good food, but they have a colossal assortment of gossip magazines to read, so I spent my lunch break feasting and reading about Kim Kardashian’s boobs.

The magazine was mostly pictures of celebrities, but they also had a large section on the various ‘reality’ TV shows currently airing. Now I really don’t care for reality TV. I just find it dull. I mean, if I want to watch people yelling at each other, I can just go sit on my porch for an hour.

This got me thinking: what kind of reality show would I watch?

Setting aside the obvious (hot women mud-wrestling), I would want a reality show about science. Let’s call it: Sciencegasm!

Here’s the premise. You take a dozen or so scientists from varying fields, stick them in a house with an attached lab containing all the equipment they’d ever want, give them a challenge, and then lock them in for six months. Oh, and film it, obviously.

This would rock. Take a bunch of engineers, mathematicians, physicists, and scientists from other disciplines, say ‘build me a functional light saber’ and then film them hashing it out. If they succeed, they get a stupidly large sum of money. If they don’t succeed, we put all the footage of them in the bathroom on the internet.

Not only would it be entertaining, but think of the advances we could make: Efficient electric cars, teleportation, dog translators (SQUIRREL!), or a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese that was actually good for you. This show could very well save humanity.

And yes, if necessary, we could throw some in some hot women for the cat fights. Everyone loves a good cat fight.



Ed said...

There are enough hot young women who get science degrees that the hot young women bit wouldn't be too problematic... You just need to get the women *before* they've had time to establish themselves, as that's difficult for a scientist to do before getting old.

Alexander, the Chalybs Levitas said...

I'd watch this, easily. It could, quite possibly, be the greatest show on television.

First thing to invent, though: those hoverboards from Back to the Future.


Daniel said...

One of the best ideas ever!

Citarra said...

I want to be in it.

Jason Janicki said...

True, Ed. I happen to recall that Cindy Crawford had a scholarship for Chemical Engineering at Northwestern before she went into modeling. I guess you just have to get them quick :)

Hoverboards are cool. I want a light saber :)