Thursday, February 18, 2010

Things That Explode

Eggs in microwaves
Some people after eating spicy food
Explode-y things
The temperature gauge on my truck

Yes, the temperature gauge went out, so I get to spend money. They're not expensive, so I'm not too put out. It's not like the time the head gasket exploded. Which, though interesting, cost A LOT.

In other news, the Emerald City Comicon is coming up on March 13th and 14th. We will be in Artist's Alley at B-19, so come on by and listen to my jokes IN PERSON.

Hopefully, Issue #6 will be ready and available, so be the first on your block to own the entire first arc.

Look for the usual blogs next week!



Talendel said...

Not quite dead, yet, eh? Thinking of going for a walk? =^.^=

Ehm said...

eggs in a microwave? sigh... only a boy would know this.

Jason Janicki said...

You'll be stone dead in the morning!

That's valuable data that could very well save the entire planet if we're ever attacked by egg-like aliens, I'll have you know :)

Krasus said...

Sounds like a plot for an old comic book.
Can Cinna-man stop the egg aliens from Nocplotu from destroying society as we know it? With the help of 10 year old Billy he can!

Jerron said...

Sadly, I don't get enough of things that explode. At leat the fun ones- I guess if you count the bad ones, I get too much.

My boiler almost exploded. That was not fun. It didn't even really come close, actually, I came home and caught it trying way before it could have succeeded.

Temperature sensors aren't too bad. Kind of messy, though. They're at the bottom of the raidator fluid circut usually, and you need to drain all the fluid or it'll drain while you're changing it. In your face.

I do miss when the army used to give me stuff to blow up. Plastique, artillery simulaotrs, grenade simulators (which are almost the same, except no whistle), all sorts of fun toys. Then one of my jobs after that, was destructive component testing. We tried real hard to make things blow up, but we pretty much just ended up breaking them. It's real hard to make things explode without explosives. We did get a few lucky ones in, though, from time to time.

Jonnalyhn Wolfcat Hall said...

See you at ECCC, although not as Haith. Still looking for that additional info first. :P

"I feel happy!"

Jason Janicki said...

Cinna-man, Cinna-man, does whatever cinnamon can. Which is what, exactly? :)

Wow, that sounds like fun, Jerron. What was the weirdest thing that exploded on its own?

Cool, Jonnalyhn! We'll see you there!

Jerron said...

Weirdest? Hmm... Mostly just car parts we put under a 25 ton ram and smooshed... once in a while some tools...

Ever see those pipe fittings where there's bolts circling around the pipe, in a flange? Industrial stuff, like you might see in a movie steam tunnel or something. We had a valve at the end of the hydraulic piping with that sort of end. One of the guys decided it would be best to block it off, instead of leaving it so someone could just turn the valve and spew hydraulic oil all over the place.

While a decent motive, the method was removing those bolts, and placing a piece of sheet metal in, and then replacing the stuff. (Why he didn't just an end cap, no one knew.) When the 3 1/2" pipe (3" trade size for those of you who know...) transported the oil at 2,000 pounds per square inch to this sheet metal, which was now holding the 'stuff' from seating properly, you might call it an explosion... Probably 10 seconds or less of flow before the E-stop was hit, and 80+ gallons of oil all over the floor... (This was the guy I was hired to replace, BTW. They just didn't figure out how to fire him yet...) The fact he decided it was someone else's problem to clean it up helped to secure my continued employment.