Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kicking Too

So my co-worker whom I commented on in yesterday's blog came up to me today.

'You thought about hitting me!' he said.

'Well, yeah,' I admitted. 'But I think about hitting lots of people.'

'Oh,' he said. 'And here I thought I was special.'

'You are. I'd kick you too.'

And we both laughed.

Just a quick reminder, Emerald City ComiCon is in a couple weeks. I have confirmed that our colorist Leah will be there as well, so you can completely avoid talking to me or Leigh if you want to.

Look for the usual blogs next week.



Buzzcook said...

Hitting then kicking
Then knocking school books from hands
Is it love in bloom?

Blue Sun said...

Glad to hear you will be at Emerald City! I'll be sure to find your booth and say hi. I'm sure I'll be too shy to say much more than that, but you never know...

spasticfreakshow said...

k, i am pretty much ready to throw you on the cart, bc it's been a month since you posted that bit! but...instead i'll give you a link:

have you seen bathory yet?

Jason Janicki said...

Oh god I hope not
As he's married already
And he's not my type

Sure, come on by, Blue Sun! Like you said, you never know . . . ;)

It's been a month since what, spastic? You have to remember that I'm old and I often forget to wear pants, much less what happened last month. And no, I haven't seen Bathory. I did click on the link, but my computer's being a butt-head. I'll have to fiddle a bit, but I'll definately try to get it to download.