Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Need a Cartoonist & Happy Not St. Fructus' Day

Two things:

First, I'm looking for a cartoonist to draw a B&W, 4-panel, humor webcomic with a realistic style. It's a long-term gig with pay (per strip). So, if anyone knows a cartoonist, is a cartoonist, or has always wanted to be a cartoonist, send me a note at In an ideal world, you would put 'Cartoonist' in the subject line and include a sample of your work.

It will be a great chance to work with me: Jason Janicki, winner of the coveted 'Being Jason Janicki' award as presented by the 'Society to Award Things to Jason Janicki' chaired by me, Jason Janicki.

Secondly, I would like to wish everyone a happy Non-St. Fructus' Day, aka Valentine's Day!

I will be celebrating my traditional way. After preparing a sumptuous dinner for my girlfriend, I will treat her to a sensual full-body massage in front of a roaring fire, then give her a necklace adorned with a diamond for every month we've been together, followed by a family-sized helping of me. And then, to top it all off, I'll take out the garbage WITHOUT BEING ASKED!

And who am I kidding? I'll just do my usual: watch anime by myself while eating popcorn and then crying myself to sleep.

It's a tradition.

Anwyay, look for the usual bloggy goodness next week!



spasticfreakshow said...

oh please get sarah ellerton to do it. i can't stand the dreamless writer, but i love to see ever more of her insanely wonderful art in comic form - and dreamless is a precedent showing she may be for hire for the right project!

spasticfreakshow said...

plus..i'm very excited about this comic returning from dread-pirate-hiatus.

super-plusC..'bring out yer dead!' for the cart reference (though had you continued to torture us, dread pirate hiatus, we may have had to throw you under the bus instead of a la carte!) and to one-up you, 'it's a tradition' so reminded me of an early scene in ever after, the best cinderella tale ever told.

Anonymous said...

reality is tough and you'll have yet another one doing roughly the same thing sitting in front of this screen. in case you want to go rampantly mad in a sociocritical manner for a change (?), read about the Critical Theory ;-). they don't really hit the nail, but they're getting close to it. in case you don't see the connections... please excuse me.

Jason Janicki said...

Hey Spastic!

I haven't read the Dreamless, but I'll check it out. You obviously have great taste in comics :)

Nor have I seen Ever After (is that the one with Drew Barrymore?). Mayhap I'll check it out.

The ADHD Adult said...

Bring out yer dead! Monty Python and the Holy Grail. This be Darren, long time reader of Art the Wanderer (though I did get behind and now need to catch up). Jason, I have a blog now, only 4 pages up, but if you have a few spare minutes feel free to have a look at what this Crazy Canadian has written. New post tomorrow and it likely will be about Dragons. I decided to start a blog to practice my writing skills although the title of the blog itself should explain why I don't have a huge amount of posts (it's only been two weeks lol). Anyways if you read it, let me know through an e-mail or something. From one writer to another, thanks man :)

spasticfreakshow said...

jason, yes, with drew barrymore: go to 9:15 'wait. it's tradition!' i'm not sure why that moment sticks in my head, but it's a great flick...

there are never enough fantasy flicks or webcomics for me and i do feel chronically deprived, plus i love to complain!

btw, i should have told you on v-day, but your current pic looks like joaquin phoenix and he's adorable, but i'm not sure his personality's up to yours!

Jason Janicki said...

Hey, ADHD. I'll gladly come check out your blog :) Anything with dragons is good for me :)

I'll check it out, Spastic! Wow, that's quite a compliment :) I did like Joaquin in Walk the Line (was that it? The Johnny Cash bio?).

The ADHD Adult said...

I actually didn't write my Dragons post today. Hopefully tomorrow. Ive been sick all day and not keeping anything in. *sigh* But I made an awesome post on Zombies! Im aiming for three posts a week. One day I will make it to that and keep it up.

Jason Janicki said...

Cool, I'll check out your dragons post.

Leonard Gubbins said...

I'll do it for £20 per cartoon (hourly rate).

Jason Janicki said...

Thanks for the offer, Leonard, but I've already found a cartoonist. However, if you're really serious, send me some samples. I have other projects down the road that I'll need artists for. Thanks!