Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Bestest Blog Ever!

I woke up at about 3:30 this morning. This is fairly normal for me, as my body hates me and doesn’t actually want me to get any rest. An alternate theory is that the government is purposefully beaming Y-Rays (one better than X) at me in order to keep me tired and thus unable to take over the world. Please pick the theory you like best.

Anyway, as I lay there at 3:30, I had an idea for the bestest blog ever. It had a hilarious premise, a catchy title, and used the word ‘conflagration’ at least 3 times. It was so good I actually laid there giggling to myself, anticipating how staggeringly funny it would be.

And where is this blog of blogs you ask? This apex of amusement? This titan of t-something?

I don’t know. I forgot.

I really didn’t want to. I firmly told myself to remember what it was about so that I could then write it tonight. I even promised myself I would not forget. And yet, I did.

‘Well?’ I can hear you saying. ‘Why didn’t you write it down?’ I considered that, but the desk was so very far away and my bed was so very warm. I also can’t read my own handwriting. Seriously, it’s that bad. I don’t make shopping lists because when I get to the store, I have to have the clerks help decipher what I wrote. Last time that happened I came home with $50 in charcoal briquettes and I don’t even own a barbecue.

However, I promise the next time I have a great idea at 3:30am, I will endeavor to record it in some fashion. Perhaps some sort of pulley-system involving monkeys . . .
But for now, you’ll just have to make do with this blog about how I forgot the bestest blog ever.



Slamlander said...

I usually keep my PDA (HP IPAQ) on the bedside table. Best notepad ever!

Kris said...

Maybe a bedside voice recorder? The kind of thing you can get cheap to record college lectures and stuff.

Also my word today was hangsom. 1. checked, not a word, but apparently a popular name. 2. It's like it was trying to put hansom but couldn't help but Freudian slip a murderous intent into it.

Anonymous said...

Dang it, Jason, if you have to have Ninja assassins hanging around, at least use them for something good, and make them write down your good blog ideas!!


J. Alexander Van Belkum said...

Slip a gun under your pillow, and use it to shoot the keyboard keys at your computer to write down your ideas.

Or ... you know, threaten the ninjas.

My word today is gamis.

Jason Janicki said...

Both a PDA and a voice-recorder are good ideas. I would have to acquire one or the other though. I'm not sure if me talking into something at 3am is a good idea though. I'll probably sound drunk or stoned (if not both).

Good point, Anon! Though they might purposefully rewrite the blog into something unfunny, just to spite me.

My neighbors might complain, J. Alexander. Plus, shooting my demonic keyboard might irritate it :)

My word of the day was 'tilt.' Darn it, I keep getting ones I know!