Thursday, November 19, 2009


I initially typed 'Thanksgibing' as the title, which if you played FPSs would be kinda funny.

Anyway, Thanksgiving is next week, so there will be no blogs or Art the Wanderer as I will be in California having food forcefully stuffed into me by my mother. She worries that all I eat is cereal, candy bars, and soda, so she tries to get as many nutrients into me as possible while I'm there.

Just for the record, I do occasionally eat a carrot.

Art the Wanderer will return on the 30th, with the standard blogs following that week.

Please have a fun and safe Thanksgiving. See you in about a week.



"gunner" said...

mothers are like that, its what they do. they instinctively know that any adult offspring is not capable of properly feeding him/herself.

J. Alexander Van Belkum said...

Oh aweseome! Art returns on my birthday!

Also, stuffing is the king of all Thanksgiving dishes. Especially when you add gravy.

Darren said...

Thanksgiving in Canada is the second Monday in October. Much easier this way and it's a stat holiday so I got the day off and still got paid for it. I love stat holidays.

Jerron said...

If all the pilgrims had to eat were donkeys, we'd all being having a piece of ___ for thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Jason Janicki said...

But I can feed myself! Almost all the food makes it from the bowl to my mouth!

Happy Birthday, J. Alexander!

Well, we normally get Thanksgiving and the day after off, so we're slightly ahead of Canada in that respect :)

Nice one, Jerron :)