Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Portland Comic Book Show: The Recap

Well, the 31st Portland Comic Book Show went off without a hitch last Sunday. It was a rather dismal day, but the crowd was pretty good and everyone was in a good mood, save for that guy who kept complaining about the pengiuns, but there you go.

NOTE: I'm not sure the penguins were real. I didn't actually see any penguins, but that doesn't mean they weren't there. I've never seen Russia either (or Montana) for that matter and people insist they exist. So, I'm willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt about the penguins.

The show went really well, even though Leigh couldn't make it. My good friends Laura and Doug went with to provide moral and physical support and they had a good time as well.

I ended up next to Kerry Scribner from Art by Bastett, who was not only a great artist, but also had the patience of a saint. She pretty much drew free sketches all day (nice free sketches at that) and only got up twice the entire day.

Also near me were the gentleman from Bricker-Down Productions who do The Killing Jar. They were very cool and I had a long talk with them about comics and things in general.

Afterwards, a whole group of us went out to dinner, including Jason Metcalf, an excellent artist, Randy Kintz, another great artist, Jason Martin, yet another great artist who's website I don't have. Javier Hernandez (hope I got that right) was also there, though he was out of business cards, so I don't have a website for him either. Brian who-last-name-escapes-me was also there to help out Jason Metcalf. Brian is the regional head of the Hero Initiative, an amazing charity for comic veterans. All in all, a fine bunch of gentleman to go grab dinner and talk comics with.

Anyway, I strongly urge you to go visit their sites and tell them they're marvelous.

So, to sum up: Con good, Penguins potentially bad, hanging out with comic artists good.



Ehm said...

I have been to Montana so I can vouch that it does, in fact exist. I haven't travelled extensively in MT however so the rest of the state might not but the towns of Gardiner and West Yellowstone definitely do exist... if that makes you feel any better.

Ehm said...

I forgot to ask-did anyone ask for a paragraph, or a sentence or a word or anything or did they just go eh, no artist and move on?

Jason Janicki said...

But, Ehm, I can't prove that you exist, so therefore all of your comments are likewise dubious :)

Nope, no sentences. A few people laughed at the sign, but no one wanted one. Most people don't even notice it, so there you go.

Ehm said...

hey, I have you as a friend on FB so you know I *have* to exist... right? :P

and ya know, how many times have Cap and I told ya you just need to get booth babes? I'm sure you can find *someone* who'd be willing to dress up as Haith or Iri or Lilly or even the evil, crazy, mage lady.

And well, I suppose all those people who didn't stop by for a free sentence shall now go the rest of their lives missing out for I am sure that the sentence you *would* have given them would have solved all their problems and in short, made their lives perfect. People just underestimate this power you have.


Jason Janicki said...

Well, true. Facebook would never lie to me :)

We have talked on several occasions about getting a booth babe (or three), but we honestly don't know anyone who'd dress up for us. Our friends are perfectly happy to help us out, they just won't dress up ;)

I do have a couple of life changing sentences, but I don't use them. It's just too much responsibility. Besides, people would start following me around, begging for sentences. Beautiful women would throw themselves at me . . . and I'm an idiot. I'll start using those sentences immediately! :)

Ehm said...

See, now you owe me for waking you up to the potential of those life altering sentences you have stored. You'd become a guru of something and I get 10%. :P

And ya know, once you get that bevy of beautiful babes I am sure they'd fall over themselves to be a booth babe.

Jason Janicki said...

All very true :) And how about 9%?

Ehm said...

9%??? If I thought this was open to negotiation, I'd have started it at something *much* higher-like 20% and dropped it down....


9.99% But only in the spirit of haggling. You're going to kill me you know.