Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I have a splitting headache. It’s not a migraine. Those have very specific symptoms for me (light sensitivity, head pain, the tendency to speak in a bad German accent). My head just . . .hurts.

Supposedly, there’s medicine one takes for headaches, but I don’t actually know what it is. I have some random stuff in the medicine cabinet, which I stuck up my nose, but that doesn’t appear to have done anything. I have heard that caffeine helps with a headache, so I drank a six-pack of Coke. My headache is still there, but now I’m very, very awake.

And I have to pee.

The odd thing about this headache, though, is that it’s not centered on my forehead as usual, but rather near the top my skull, at roughly 4 o’clock (assuming my nose is 12). Also, when I put my hand there, I can’t help but notice there’s an odd protrusion, like the head of a 16-penny sinker nail (they’re about 3.5 inches long, FYI), a type often used in framing houses.

This is odd because it feels like it’s been there a long time, but I don’t recall ever noticing it before. One would think that one would notice such a thing, but I am amazingly clueless, as regular readers can attest.
I did try to remove it with a claw hammer, but now I can’t remember the word for the thing that you get in to go to work. I think it’s ‘credenza,’ but that’s probably not right. Credenza’s are a type of shoe

 I think.

Anyway, I may actually go to the doctor-place and have someone look at it.

Assuming I can remember how to make the credenza go.


NOTE: I’m kidding. I don’t have a nail in my head and I know what a car is. Occasionally, I do a blog like this and I get an email from a friend asking if I’m actually okay. Yes. I have friends. So, just to forestall any concern: no, I don’t have a nail in my head. I do have rocks in there, but that’s a different story.


Anonymous said...

Migraine for me- take two excedrin with plenty of water and eat something. Drink a pop(yes with caffeine- not a nasty 'energy' drink) try to relax and sit quietly for about 10 minutes post food. Works nicely if I am stressed. If not lessening after that take an antacid- sometimes my gut will over produce and that triggers it( weird but true).
BUT- if your pain is at 4 on your face- you have an abcessing tooth or a sinus infection(or both) Get to doctor ASAP! Major pain with swelling like that is a serious notice from the ol body to get help NOW. All your blood is passing through your neck right past a nasty infection, that can transmit to brain(stroke)or Heart(heart disease) Bad news! So go see the friendly doc and get squared away.
Best regards from a fan,

Jason Janicki said...

Thanks for the advice, JO :)

I like the Excedrin Migraine. I still feel kinda weird, but it gets rid of the light sensitivity and nausea. I do drink caffeine as well, though I try not to keep it at home (I love soda too much).

The nail in my head was just for humor's sake, so I'm fine :)

Thanks again!