Thursday, February 17, 2011

Guess What?

The Emerald City Comicon is in two weeks!

We've been busily preparing for the show and we'll have some new things at the booth for those of you who've been by before. These new things include:

A new tablecloth
A new backdrop
An invisible dragon
A brother
The remains of a sandwich of uncertain origin

The brother isn't really new, he's just coming up to help out for the con. And never fear, the sandwich will be properly secured before the show starts, just in case.

Anyway, it's a three-day weekend (huzzah for Presidents), so have a safe and happy 72 hours.



Elizabeth said...

Whatever happened with Art the Wanderer? I miss him. :( If that ever gets published, I know I'll pick up a few copies!

Jason Janicki said...

Art is currently being reviewed by an agent. If we get lucky, he'll want to represent me and that's the first big hurdle. Then Art'll have to get sold to a publisher and then come out as a book.

So, I'm still working on getting Art out and hopefully, someday, I will be able to annouce that he'll be coming to a bookstore near you.

Thanks for the interest, Elizabeth. I really appreciate it :)

Toil3T said...

*Jumps on bandwagon* I'm interested too!

That's good to hear, I hope it goes well. I know you're not in it for the money (since you were releasing it for free), but I'd love to buy an Art the Wanderer novel some day.