Thursday, February 3, 2011

Graphic Novel Panel This Saturday

Hey everyone!

This Saturday will be our Graphic Novel Panel with the Seattle Branch of the Graphic Artists Guild.

Featured guests include:
Peter Bagge
Phil Foglio
Mike Grell
Michael Oeming
and, of course, us.

Additionally, I can promise that there will be neither ninjas, clowns, mimes, or nutcrackers present. At great personal risk and expense, I brokered a deal with all four factions to ensure that the event would go off without any balloons, bloodshed, or cracked nuts.

Pretty much, I just bought them all spa gift certificates that were only valid this Saturday. I realize that this means there will be a lot of very relaxed ninjas, clowns, mines, and nutcrackers fighting on Sunday, but that is the price we must pay.

I honestly have no idea how I'm going to distract them for ECC.

So, come on by if you can. There will be a talk, a Q&A session, and a portfolio review as well. Sadly, I will not be contributing to the portfolio review, as I'll just keep saying 'wow, you can draw way better than I can' for every portfolio.

Have a safe weekend.



spasticfreakshow said...

i almost cannot BELIEVE today's comic. i'm so glad she didn't kill that guy - he seemed so sweet. are they really off to have some fun? i can't wait!

Jason Janicki said...

Yep, they're off to have a good time :) Though, Iri's and Lily's definition of a good time might be a bit different :)

Rem Anon said...

I miss your blogs. ;_; They are so few now!

Jonnalyhn Wolfcat Hall said...

Planning to stop by ECCC on Sunday (not Saturday) due to the conflict with the Sewing Expo. No Haith costume this year still as I can't balance the baby belly on the stilts. *chuckle*

'Sides, I don't think a pregnant Haith would work as well--but she's in my sewing room!

Jason Janicki said...

I appreciate the thought, Rem Anon :)

It was a busy week at work last week and I didn't have time to put one out.

I will get one up this week and I'll be trying to get back to a two a week schedule after that.

I've got another clown/mime/ninja story brewing :)