Thursday, January 13, 2011

Friday the 14th

Greetings! 2011 is upon us and the con season is nearing yet again.

Our first outing of the year will be at a Graphic Novel Panel taking place at the Comish College of the Arts for the Seattle branch of the Graphic Artists Guild on February 5th.

It’s a four-hour event where you can come listen to a panel of experts talk about how to produce graphic novels, ask questions, and even get a portfolio reviewed. The best part is the experts:

NOTE: They’ve all worked on a ton of projects, these are just some highlights :)

Peter Bagge of Hate, Neat Stuff, Martini Baton and Sweatshop.

Phil Foglio of What’s New With Phil and Dixie, Girl Genius, and Buck Godot.

Mike Grell of The Warlord, Jon Sable, and runs on numerous DC titles.

Michael Oeming of The Mice Templar, Powers, and Quixote.

And us. Jason and Leigh.


So, if you’re at all interested in comic books or graphic arts in general, here’s your chance to talk to some very big names in the comics field and have all your graphic novel questions answered.

Have a great weekend.


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