Thursday, January 27, 2011

8 Days

Hey everyone,

Just a gentle reminder that in just 8 days, we will be appearing at Cornish Community College to take part in a panel on Graphic Novels for the Seattle branch of the Graphic Artists Guild.

Some of the topics we'll cover will include 'lasers: beam weapons of the future or irritating toy?' 'Who wrote the book of love?' and 'holy crap, I'm on a panel with Peter Bagge, Phil Foglio, Mike Grell and Michael Oeming!'

Actually, we'll just be talking about graphic novels. I will be thinking about those other topics though, so feel free to ask me about them afterwards.

Just in case you didn't recognize all the names I listed above, let me say that they're all quite famous and if you're at all interested in comics, graphic novels, or the letter 'r,' I would strongly suggest you attend.

And we'll be there too.

Have a great weekend.



KC said...

FYI, when I visited the site just now, Google Chrome gave me a notification that the page contains "elements from" or something like that, which is known to host malware. Might want to check your ads or something?

R1X5.13 said...

Yea... I just got the same thing

Jason Janicki said...

Yeah, that's one of our advertiser's banners. We've let them know about the problem and have been assured that it's being fixed.

It should be gone now, but let us know if it isn't.

Sorry about that.