Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wizard!: Part 2

Torgor blinked. “What? There’s no reason to get mad about it. Destroying the source of a wizard’s power is the classic way to defeat one.”

“But that’s not the source of my power, moron!”

“Oh.” Torgor nudged a piece of pottery with his foot. “What was in there?”

“My mother’s ashes!”

Torgor stopped, foot in mid-nudge, and then took a small step away. “This is kinda awkward,” he said after a moment.

Urgan glared at him. “You think?”

“I thought it was the source of your power!” Torgor said. “Wizard’s always keep them close at hand!”

“No we don’t. That’s just a story we spread so idiots like you’ll attack us in our towers.”

Torgor folded his arms. “Then it’s really your fault I broke your mother’s urn. If you spread stories like that, of course someone’s going to take a swipe at her vase.”
With a sigh, Urgan pointed over his shoulder. “You’re supposed to attack that.”

Torgor looked up. There was a large globe above the door, set in an ornately carved clawed hand. The orb pulsed with sickly blues and greens, with the occasional spark of red.

“Huh,” the barbarian said. “I completely missed that.”

The wizard and barbarian glared at each other.

“Well,” said Torgor suddenly. “It’s late and I’m sure you’d like to re . . . uh . . . inter your mother, so I’ll just let myself out.”

“Fine.” Urgan gestured and a large, leather-bound tome with a golden clasp appeared in his hand. He opened it and began scanning the pages. “I just need to see if I have some sort of ‘vacuum’ spell.”

“Okay then.” Torgor walked over to the doorway, stepping over the remains of the door. “No hard feelings!” he called out.

“Sure,” Urgan said, as the barbarian darted down the corridor. “At least until I get mother squared away,” he continued. “Then I’ll hunt you down and turn you into something small and fluffy and give you to my cats.”



buzzcook said...

Torgor ran as far from the wizards citadel as it was possible to go.
This happened to be Issiks tavern, bait shop, and sports emporium.
When Urgan finally caught up with Torgor, the magical spells once again flew about the rather dingy main room destroying bric-a-brac and tables as Togor dodged about.
As fate would have it one of those bolts of power destroyed a dust covered fizz ball trophy hanging on the wall.
True to his word Urgan had placed the source of his power as far from his evil tower as possible. The power source was right next to that fizz ball trophy.

Phew, that was a close one said Urgan as he listened to the sounds of his cats playing.

Lurklen said...

Why did Tordor's name change halfway through the story? I like Torgor better anyway, maybe he should be called Torgor manynames.

Are we ever going to see Art the wanderer here again? And if not what's the news on the book about him? I really liked those stories, if you do the book I'd suggest having illustrated panels every chapter if you could. Alot of what you described in the stories would look great in picture.

Anyway thanks for starting the comic up again it's one of my favorites.

Ed said...

Lurklen, you're obviously not paying attention.

The vase was also apparently the source of power for the fourth letter in Tordor's name. Without the vase, it couldn't keep erect, and thus sagged into a 'g'.

I fear we may never know what happens to Art, as he seems to have wandered into the Publisher Zone. If he ever makes it out alive, however, I will be happy.

Jason Janicki said...

Heh :)

I didn't notice the name change, Lurklen, thanks for the heads up. Art has indeed wandered into the publishing zone. I've had a couple rejections, but I'm retooling a couple things and plan to start resubmitting again soon.

I would love to get Leigh to do some spot illustrations for the book when/if it gets published. It's probably a long-shot for the paperback, but if it sells well enough, maybe the special hardcover edition will have them.

Thanks for asking about Art! It really means a lot to me that people enjoyed the story and want to see more. I will continue to try and get Art published!

Interesting theory, Ed! I'll take it :)